Weber Powder acquires Battle Abbey Backcountry Lodge

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Weber Powder acquires Battle Abbey Backcountry Lodge

Photo of Battle Abbey Backcountry lodge at sunrise.

Battle Abbey Backcountry Lodge joins the Weber family!

We are excited to share the news that Weber Powder has acquired Battle Abbey Backcountry Lodge!  The lodge, previously owned and operated by Roger Laurilla and Loree Dokimenko, will continue to be a base for alpine backcountry skiing and snowboarding during the winter months while we take this summer to put the Weber touch on the lodge.  More on this in the next article!

Battle Abbey Backcountry Lodge: Supreme Skiing

In the 1970s, Bill Putnam and Hans Gmoser, the visionary minds behind CMH (Canadian Mountain Holidays), joined forces to bring Battle Abbey to life. Their goal: to create a lodge nestled in the most remarkable mountain setting, offering unforgettable skiing and mountain adventures for people from all walks of life. Today, Battle Abbey stands as one of Canada's most esteemed and iconic mountain lodges. Perched at an elevation of 2200 meters in the breathtaking Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia, Battle Abbey boasts access to world-class skiing and mountain experiences right from its doorstep. This strategic location, coupled with the strong foundation laid by Roger and Loree over decades, solidifies Battle Abbey as a valuable asset in Weber Powder's mission to deliver exceptional mountain adventures.

Roger and Loree in front of Battle Abbey
Roger and Loree in front of Battle Abbey Lodge

A New Chapter Begins 

The transition is underway, and we're working hard to make Battle Abbey Lodge even better. Our focus is on providing a cozy old world mountain charm that guests will love while enhancing aspects to elevate the overall experience. From lodge upgrades to streamlined guest services (from arrival in Calgary), we're investing to ensure your future visits are nothing short of fantastic.

Beyond the lodge renovations, here are some of the changes we’re implementing starting in 2025:

  • Small groups. A maximum of 10 guests per week at the lodge for four guides on staff. The flexibility of up to two small groups skiing daily.

  • Industry standard avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel and airbag provide onsite. No need to travel with your gear from home.

  • Transfers directly from the Calgary Airport (Private Shuttle & Helicopter transfers)

  • Travel insurance through our partners at Acera Insurance

  • Exceptional culinary menus at the lodge. Expect the same high quality culinary experience as our sister company Weber Arctic Expeditions with a local, organic Western Canada focus.

  • Wine cellar onsite.

  • Exceptional saunas

  • Massage therapy (Starting in 2025)

Read more about program changes and renovations plans here!

We want to express our gratitude to Roger and Loree for their stewardship of Battle Abbey Lodge. Their hard work and dedication have created a welcoming space that has become a cherished part of many memories. While they bid farewell, we're eager to carry forward the incredible 40+ year legacy of Battle Abbey and take the mountain experience to new heights.

What's Next

The grand reopening is set for December 2024, and we can't wait to welcome you to the new Battle Abbey Lodge experience. We recognize that world-class mountain guides and lodge staff are an integral part of a stellar mountain experience: expect to see many familiar faces as the lodge reopens.

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Summer Adventures at Battle Abbey

The team at Weber Powder is committed to transforming Battle Abbey into a world class experience for not only skiing and snowboarding, but mountain experiences in summer. Incredible trails atop ridges, past glaciers and alpine lakes make Battle Abbey's tenure a world-class mountain experience in the summer months alike. We're planning two summers of renovations (summer 2024 and 2025) with a targeted soft opening for September 2025. 

Hiking at Battle Abbey
The Webers hiking at Battle Abbey
Trail running at Battle Abbey
Trail running at Battle Abbey
Hiking Schooner ridge with views of Mount Butters near Battle Abbey
Hiking Schooner ridge with views of Mount Butters near Battle Abbey