2025 Season Brings Program Changes for Battle Abbey Backcountry Lodge

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2025 Season Brings Program Changes for Battle Abbey Backcountry Lodge

It is no secret that Battle Abbey is renowned as one of Canadas best ski touring lodges.  Established by CMH founder Hans Gmoser in 1978, Battle Abbey Backcountry Lodge sits on a unique tenure filled with glaciated terrain, steep slopes and breathtaking alpine vistas.  With the recent change in ownership, many are left wondering what is in store for Battle Abbey moving forward.  In this article we will dive into program changes for 2025 including extensive renovations as well as the vision for Battle Abbey Backcountry Lodge moving forward. 

Program Changes 2025

Small Groups

Historically, Battle Abbey has hosted up to 14 guests with three ACMG guides.  Starting in 2025, Battle Abbey is reducing the lodge capacity to 10 guests and four ACMG / IFMGA guides.  The new reduced capacity and additional guide will allow groups to split in two small groups while maintaining the highest level of safety (when conditions permit).

Five day | Four night trips

For the average person, a full week of backcountry skiing or split-boarding is a long time!  During the 2025 season we are moving to a five day, four night format allowing you to experience the backcountry without committing a full week of backcountry skiing. We've also moved helicopter transfer times into and out of the lodge to allow for more time on skis at the start and end of your journey!

Transportation from Calgary International Airport

Canada offers some of the best backcountry skiing in the world however it is not always easy to access.  In 2025, we are including private ground transportation from Calgary International Airport allowing clients from around the world easy access to backcountry skiing at Battle Abbey. 

Safety Equipment

In 2025, Battle Abbey will be equipped with a new fleet of Mammut safety equipment for guests including: airbag, transceiver, radio, probe and shovel.  Safety is always a top priority and having regularly maintained equipment is one step we take to improve the guest experience.  Plus, it is one less thing to pack!

Renovation Summer 2024

Partnering with Dogtooth Construction based out of Golden, British Columbia, Battle Abbey Backcountry Lodge will be under construction starting May 1st, 2024.  While maintaining the bones and character of the structure, the interior will undergo a complete renovation bringing new life to the building. A cedar sauna, hot showers, flush toilets, floor to ceiling windows, cathedral ceilings and an espresso bar are a couple things you can expect to see in 2025.  Due to the remote location of the lodge and fly-in only access, the project is expected to take six months and Battle Abbey will remain closed for the summer of 2024. We will continue to share more details as the project emerges however we are confident this project will raise the bar of comfort in the remote backcountry of British Columbia.  

Vision moving forward

Without a doubt, Battle Abbey Backcountry Lodge occupies a position in one of British Columbia, Canada's most breathtakingly remote backcountry locales. This setting presents unparalleled opportunities for skiing and hiking, accessible solely by helicopter, with no roads or snowmobiles in proximity.  Moreover, the absence of helicopter traffic from neighbouring operations creates a sense of complete seclusion, allowing you to fully immerse yourself with nature. 

Building on its distinctive location and spectacular terrain, the aim is to establish an unmatched backcountry retreat for both relaxation and exploration.  Picture a mountain sanctuary where you can enjoy modern creature comforts after a day backcountry skiing, hiking and adventuring. Our goal is to create an unparalleled backcountry haven for forging connections with family, friends, or colleagues over après-ski and a refined glass of wine. Somewhere you can break free from the confines of the 9-5 grind and fully immerse yourself in nature, regardless of whether you're an experienced mountaineer, a family with young children, or a spirited 70 years young.