Private Ski Experiences

Private Ski Experiences

Beyond British Columbia, we take bucket list ideas and turn them into world-class ski experiences.

With over 30 years of expertise, our team excels in crafting exclusive adventures in the remote corners of the world. We specialize in planning and executing private ski travel experiences, ranging from yacht based heli-skiing in Greenland to exploring secluded mountain ranges on Ellesmere Island or pioneering first descents on Baffin Island - the possibilities are limitless. Take a journey through some of our past experiences below..


Super Yacht Heli-skiing in Greenland

A desire to explore the Arctic with an ice-class vessel and their skis sparked the imagination of our team. Adventuring deep into Baffin Bay, the team skied the mountains of Greenland in first descents amidst the backdrop of Greenland's stunning mountains, icebergs and deep fjords. You bet there were polar dips involved!

Ellesmere Island

Sverdrup Pass Ski Expedition

When asked by an adventurous client to name the coolest place to ski, Richard Weber said there was only one trip he’d done twice: Sverdrup Pass, on Ellesmere Island in the Canadian Arctic.

Baffin Island

Northernmost Heli & Cat Ski Basecamp

It all began with a birthday wish. As we sat in our guest’s office planning his 60th birthday, we came down to a spectacular family trip with lifelong friends to ski one of the most remote corners of the Canadian Arctic - Baffin Island. Think north of the wall in Game of Thrones. It’s a place where the plunging glaciers meet sharp granite faces against the backdrop of the Arctic Ocean. A custom basecamp offering the highest creature comforts possible was designed and built (which took nearly two years of planning). Our guests stood atop unnamed peaks before clipping in and enjoying first descents down runs nearly four kilometres long.