Photo of Tessum Weber

Tessum Weber


Tessum is the co-founder of Weber Powder and our fearless leader. 

His first immersion into adventure was at the age of six weeks when his mother carried him across the Arctic floe edge and the mountains of Baffin Island. Tessum spent his childhood and early years across the Arctic and wilds of Canada. Later guiding technical expeditions across the Arctic and to expand the family lodge of Arctic Watch to a circumpolar travel company; and more recently, into ski based adventures for guests in British Columbia. 

IPGA Guide, adventurer and passionate skier, Tessum now splits his time between the office and lodges and is constantly looking for ways to improve the guest experience and bring extravagant ideas to life.  When not working, Tessum can be found with his family (likely towing his young daughters on skis) skiing, mountain biking, hiking or backcountry touring. 

Fun fact:  Tessum is the youngest person to ski to the North Pole!